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Taxi Campus

Once a remediated brownfield site and home to the abandoned Yellow Cab Depot, the TAXI campus is now a thriving community with nine buildings, 110 businesses and over 100+ full time residents. As the campus continues to grow, we stay focused on building new places and amenities for its diverse community of tech workers, residents, pre-schoolers, community advocates and creatives. The campus is a catalyst for collaboration and communication, making it much more than a place to live or work.
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  • status

    2001 - present

  • address

    3300 - 3700 block of Ringsby Ct

  • neighborhood

    river north

  • team

    Dynia Architects, Will Bruder Architects, Alan Brown Architect, David Baker Architecture, Barker Rinker Seacat Architecture, Wenk Associates, Plot Projects, Landworks, Wilson Engineering

  • categories

    residential,office,restaurant,retail,mixed use

  • awards

    2013 Denver Regional Council of Governments – People’s Choice Award2009 American Society of Landscape Architects - Land Stewardship Award2009 American Society of Landscape Architects - Merit Award

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location, location, location

When Zeppelin founder Mickey Zeppelin first purchased the old Yellow Cab depot and six acres of surrounding land, the location seemed, to some, off the beaten path. Where others saw industrial wasteland, Mickey saw a prime location with proximity to downtown, the Platte River and Denver’s major thoroughfares. Today TAXI is a Northern gateway to the city and central to the area’s development.

designed for people, not for companies

The TAXi campus was designed with people in mind. The buildings’ structures reflect principles of modern design that enhance live- and work-ability: natural light, fresh air, high ceilings, unobstructed views and access to the outdoors.

Dynamic campus amenities further contrast TAXI against a one-dimensional office park by encouraging collaboration among residents and workers. Amenities include a fitness center, restaurant, coffee shop, breakfast & lunch counter, hair salon, early childhood education, a heritage food incubator, conference rooms, rec room, playground, outdoor cinema, one-of-a kind shipping container pool and community garden - all designed to keep our community engaged and connected.

in with the old, in with the new

TAXI’s design approach uses the existing site’s palette to inform and influence new development. Building facades reflect the adjacent freight train switchyard and the materials of 20th century industry.The campus pool is built out of recycled shipping containers while the landscape features were influenced by the native flora of the South Platte river to the east. The campus was built to incorporate existing site structures and conditions. In fact, TAXI is named after the existing structure, now TAXI I, which was the former Yellow Cab depot. The original dispatch radio tower still stands as a beacon for people visiting the community.

the buildings

Read more about the buildings that make up the TAXI campus.